Stalingrad – Trailer


A new movie about the battle of Stalingrad:

Stalingrad-Movie-PosterVisually stunning.  If you’re unfamiliar with the great WWII battle you can read up on it over at Wikipedia.

Interesting how at the end of the trailer it advertises that it’s going to be in 3D.  I wouldn’t have pegged this for the type of movie that would lend itself to 3D but the IMAX screening aspect of it would be cool.


Into The White – Trailer


A new WWII era movie that looks promising:

English and German pilots shoot each other down, and later find themselves at the same cabin. In order to survive the tough winter in the Norwegian wilderness they have to stand together.

Into-The-White-Movie-PosterI’ll likely wait until it comes out on video, but I’ll definitely have to check it out.  Shout out to Ron Weasley still riding that Harry Potter wave.


Some WWII humor for you:

Listen hashtag, if you’re not going to fight like a man can you at least shave like a man?


I guess my one questions is… men shave?  hahah I like beard humor now because I have one.  It’s definitely a “city” beard though, I get it trimmed along with my haircut every three weeks.  Not operator enough for most of you to be impressed. If I ever do decide to go down to bare skin again I’ll have to sharpen my KA-BAR up and do it that way.


This coat is cold as ice (read “awesome”) design wise, but will also keep you warm:


Shawl collars have been unfuckwithable this winter in the fashion world.  Props to Neighborhood for hopping on the crest of that wave before it breaks and hits the sandy shores of S/S 2013.

Now I know some of you will have trouble stomaching or justifying an $860 jacket… I’m assuming many of you will also not be thrilled that this one has a pre-worn look.  Do they give these to homeless guys and let the wear happen organically?  Do they use modern technology to get the look?  All these unanswered questions…

$863 CAN ($860 USD) over at Haven.


WWII A2 Bomber Jacket War Paint


Vintage hand painted leather?  This kind of stuff will never be considered uncool:



At the beginning of the war, Army Air Corps members were issued the most badass jacket in the military, the leather A-2—which had been the standard leather flight jacket since 1931. In WWII, these jackets became a canvas for teenage flyers to express their rugged individuality. They’d get the backs painted, and often these images included the plane’s nickname and little bombs to tally how many missions the crew flew. On the front, personalized patches would often indicate one’s squadron or bomb group.

Very interesting stuff… make sure you read the whole history and check out more pictures over at Collectors Weekly.

They recommend these two books; American Flight Jackets, and Art of the Flight Jacket if you really want to go way down the flight jacket rabbit hole.

Although more than one jacket may have been painted with the same or similar designs, the nature of leather, how it wears, and the subtle differences in hand painting make each one unique.


A exact reproduction of the original WWII U.S. Navy contract white t-shirt right down to the printed contract number inside the neck:

G.I.s and sailors of the US military in WWII were issued with these basic white underwear Ts, and were often seen stripped down to just this basic garment when working in hot environments, or relaxing on the ship’s decks. As was often the case, with their usual casual way of wearing their attire, it was they who started a trend that made it cool to be seen in just your underwear.

Anchor tattoo and bravado sold separately   

I wonder if Eastman sees the irony behind making these t-shirts in Japan?  Yea I know it’s likely a cost issue because U.S. labor is expensive, but off the top of my head I happen to know a few U.S. companies with the loop-wheel looms required the make these t-shirts to spec without a side seam.

£40 ($64 USD) over at Eastman.