Camouflage seed stitch Polo from SOPH:


This ain’t no weak ass stitching like you’d find on a JC Penny camo polo.  Your seed stitch required so much more labor;  there’s the reason your shirt cost a grip, along with the SOPH scorpion logo embroidery .  If you’re going to start bragging to people about the stitch pattern of your shirt though you better know some other stitch patterns (and their downfalls) to spout off or else you’re going to look like an idiot.

¥17,850 ($175 USD) over at SOPHNET.


MSTRPLN has you covered if you have dreamt of wood grain camouflage:




British DPM, Woodland, and Duck camouflage.  They did a nice job; the camo / woodgrain combo is a good look. I’m always a fan of branding being unobtrusive. The iPhone case and the pillows are subtle enough, but the strip at the bottom of each one of those posters totally ruin them in my opinion.

All reasonably priced on Society6 at the MSTRPLN store.   I don’t really have a use for any of the items, but I’m sure they will sell really well.


Bro, do you even climb? Either way, Epperson Mountaineering has you covered:


For the stylishly rugged outdoorsy hunter-gatherer type who appreciates the quality and selection that Whole Foods has to offer.  This tote will fit a lot of quinoa, asparagus, fancy mustards, and that camembert you like so much.  Don’t get too carried away and forget to leave room for the bottle of bordeaux… how pedestrian would that be if you had to buy a liquor store tote, or god forbid carry it out in the open with your free hand?  I hate to even think about embarrassing situations like that.

In case you didn’t already figure it out, the Navajo strap detailing basically is what “makes” the tote.   Be sure to at least wiki what the Navajo people are about before you take this bad boy out in public… people will have no reservations (*ba dum ching*) about bringing their history up in casual conversation, in an attempt to catch a stylish man such as yourself slipping.

Step your tote game up son.  $99 over at End Clothing





haha Payless isn’t actually involved in the collab, but you’d never know it by looking at the shoes.  Come on Nigo!… Jeeeze.  This is when you know a higher end brand is struggling.  They begin to collab with low end brands who focus on pricing and distribution strategies aimed at the masses.  Sure millions will be made as the high end brand deviates from its original self, but at what cost?  Thought anything BAPE you had was unique?  Wait 6 months from now when junior high kids are getting their moms to pick up the AAPE rebranded / low end collab version of everything you own from stores like Zumiez, Payless, Target, and Walmart.

No word on the price of this shoe yet, but I’m sure none of you care anyway.  I sure don’t.

Hat tip: Sneaker News


Woodland Nautical


The mixing of contrasting patterns is SO IN for 2013:


I made up that heading, but believe it anyway just because I said so.  On paper, if someone would have described this shirt to me I wouldn’t have had the vision to not laugh them out of the office.  Thankfully there are people that do have such vision, because now that I see it, “it just works”.  Also available in indigo / grey… damn good looking sweaters:



Japanase brand Habanos is the brains behind this.

¥23,940 ($257 USD) over at The Contemporary Fix.

I really need to make it to Japan someday just to shop and eat sushi.  Well maybe not sushi because I hear it’s weird there…



Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply dropped this wool woodland camouflage joint:

If I knew I wouldn’t spontaneously combust wearing something that heavy indoors, I would pick this up in a second.  I might grab it for spring/fall outdoor use anyway.

$185 over at Ralph Lauren

I hear that crowds part if you pop shawl collars.