Collaborate with Japan – triple the price:


The ¥48,300 ($574 USD) collab looks startlingly similar to the standard N-3B parka that Alpha Industries already sells for only $176.

You have to ask yourself, is a tonal skull and crossbones applique on each elbow worth $398 to you?  Is it?!

If you answered yes to that question they by all means head over to ZOZOVilla and pick one up before all the rich Japanese dudes get them.


As the title says, that is the only way I can accurately describe this:

The jacket is made by Undercover, who happens to have one of the most confusing websites I’ve ever visited.

£1,050 ($1685 USD) available over at Oki-Ni.  Even the model looks slightly embarrassed.


Stay fresh even when the mercury falls:

Full grain leather upper, seam sealed waterproof construction, contrast colored sole.  Add those camouflage accents and you’ve got a nice looking boot for only $50 more than what you would have paid for the plain old Kitchener boot.  You really can’t go wrong with Sorel.  I’ve had a few of the bigger pairs so far in my lifetime that I played pretty hard in and they all held up great.

$250 pre-order over at Concepts.


WTAPS Gulf Jacket


Another solid choice for winter from WTAPS:

Source – Honeyee

I am unsure why this is called the “gulf” jacket.  Gulf war? Persian gulf? Gulf of Mexico? Either way it’s a pretty badass looking jacket.

In addition to olive drab (pictured) it is also available in black from GIP-Store and Authorized dealers for ¥61,950 ($773 USD)