Rekindles the spirit of watches worn by military pilots and officers in the 1940s:

The two watches pictured have a matte PVD finish on them which I really like.  If you like a flashy look, that finish is not for you.  You can always count on Bell & Ross to keep that clean look across their lineup.

More info on the collection over at the Bell & Ross website.

I can’t find exact pricing info, but they appear to range from about $2000 – $5000.


WWII Canvas & Leather Carryall:

WWII Canvas Duffel Bag:

Created from worn-in canvas salvaged from a WWII era US military duffel bags, Forestbound reworked the fabric into a durable new bags.  Handles made from WWII era cotton webbing and reinforced with a medium brown leather.

Although you can get a similar look by distressing new materials, it’s very expensive to do and is just never as good.  Having someone’s actual name stamp or handwritten last name etc. on your bag, and knowing the material came from an item in use during WWII is very neat.

The two bags pictured are available for $320 and $280 respectively over at Forestbound.  Since the materials are all unique, the bags are basically 1 of 1 as far as the look goes.  If you’re keeping an eye on the site and you see one pop up that you like, it’s best to grab it quickly.


An interesting looking duffle featuring re-surfaced WWII HBT camouflage:

Made in the USA, and complete with an orange 1000 denier canvas lining, multiple pockets, and top grain leather.

Available for purchase over at Wheelmen & Co. for $162 USD.


A collaboration between Japanese brands LABRAT and WACKO MARIA:


Interesting enough offering until I saw the “Guilty Parties” rockers on the jacket pictured on the right, and the name tapes on the left jacket, one of which reads “UPSETTER”.  Seems to me like an anti military statement, which I am definitely not a fan of.

What’s the deal with the “Marvelous” patch?  Looks out of place, like something off a mechanic’s work jacket.

¥36,750 ($470 USD) at Berberjin


From adding a couple of different Hawaiian looking prints to a woodland camo field jacket in Spring 2012:

To overdyeing and adding embellishments to assorted other disruptive patterned vintage military jackets, and switching out the tongues on distressed Chuck Taylors for Fall 2012:

Available over at Union Los Angeles.  Jackets for $129, Shoes for $88

You can check out U.S. Alteration for additional pictures and info.

Mixing camouflages just isn’t my thing.  The only statement it makes in my mind is that you’re a douchebag with no fashion sense. Also, FAIL on putting the ARMY Master Sergeant pin upside down, adding a 4 star general ranking to it, in addition to what looks like an Air Force Staff Sergeant pin…. and for good measure sure why not just throw in that U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer 4 pin rotated 90 degrees. *shakes head* It’s painfully obvious someone let these guys run wild in the military surplus store.