Actually, toasty and crispy at the same time:

Further proof that camouflage has infiltrated every aspect of menswear.  If you wear these with the Woost God’s camo basics you might never be able to find your lower half if you ever need to pee in the middle of the woods.

At $20 over at Uniqlo, if you need some long johns you can hardly go wrong.


A exact reproduction of the original WWII U.S. Navy contract white t-shirt right down to the printed contract number inside the neck:

G.I.s and sailors of the US military in WWII were issued with these basic white underwear Ts, and were often seen stripped down to just this basic garment when working in hot environments, or relaxing on the ship’s decks. As was often the case, with their usual casual way of wearing their attire, it was they who started a trend that made it cool to be seen in just your underwear.

Anchor tattoo and bravado sold separately   

I wonder if Eastman sees the irony behind making these t-shirts in Japan?  Yea I know it’s likely a cost issue because U.S. labor is expensive, but off the top of my head I happen to know a few U.S. companies with the loop-wheel looms required the make these t-shirts to spec without a side seam.

£40 ($64 USD) over at Eastman.