I know some of you creeps would be all over this.  Not me *shifty eyes*:

Argus-Drone-Aircraft-High-Resolution-UAVReal artsy, but cool.  With ARGUS, you could creep miles of beach in high resolution 24 hours per day.  Something I’m positive DARPA probably does to “test” this new technology out.


This is incredible and scary:

Note: He mentions these are “basic capabilities”.  Wow.

Haha “whether ARGUS has been deployed in the field, is classified.”  So in other words they are using it.

Argus-Drone-Aircraft-High-Resolution-UAVCan you imagine the ramifications of this from a law enforcement or military standpoint?  Weaponizing that particular platform is the next logical step… now THAT’s what I call asymmetric warfare.

If this whole ENDO thing wasn’t going so swimmingly, I definitely would like to work on projects like this one.


Lehmann LA100 UAV


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle you can mount a GoPro camera on:

I’ve wanted a UAV even before the military started using them.  They have always been ridiculously expensive, so when I saw the video for this one I immediately thought it would be more than $100.  WRONG. 990€ ($1352 USD), which I suppose isn’t THAT bad.  You still have to buy the camera though, and on top of it all if you check out the data sheet it will only fly autonomously.  For the price, I’d really like the option of flying it around with a remote control.

Lehmann-Aviation-LA100-UAVMore info on the LA100 over at Lehmann Aviation.

I’m definitely going to wait until these come down into the $100-$200 range.