u.s. alteration

A dogs breakfast of camouflage fabric and overprinting:


Yikes… do… not… want.  The description says  it has “Mexican Tribal” influences hahah.  Is that the supposed bead detailing at the end of the cuffs which we can’t see?  Yeeeeeeeeechhh PASS.

$160 over at U.S. Alteration.


Oops, that’s actually rapper Lupe Fiasco.  I get those two mixed up all the time now.  You can check out the rest of the small lookbook here.

They went hard with the tiger stripe camouflage this year.  Make sure to check it all out at their webshop.  The hoodie that Lupe is wearing is $150.

criticized U.S. Alteration last year for mixing camouflages and adding phony rank pins to their clothing… looks like they stayed away from that this year thankfully.


From adding a couple of different Hawaiian looking prints to a woodland camo field jacket in Spring 2012:

To overdyeing and adding embellishments to assorted other disruptive patterned vintage military jackets, and switching out the tongues on distressed Chuck Taylors for Fall 2012:

Available over at Union Los Angeles.  Jackets for $129, Shoes for $88

You can check out U.S. Alteration for additional pictures and info.

Mixing camouflages just isn’t my thing.  The only statement it makes in my mind is that you’re a douchebag with no fashion sense. Also, FAIL on putting the ARMY Master Sergeant pin upside down, adding a 4 star general ranking to it, in addition to what looks like an Air Force Staff Sergeant pin…. and for good measure sure why not just throw in that U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer 4 pin rotated 90 degrees. *shakes head* It’s painfully obvious someone let these guys run wild in the military surplus store.