tiger strip

That’s what they call this camouflage. I guess “Tiger Stripe” wasn’t edgy enough: Back-Channel-Ghost-Lion-Camo-Collection

Back-Channel-Ghost-Camo-Flag-Close-upOut of all camouflage patterns I can think of, tiger stripe is among my least favorite.  I don’t mind it for embellishments or accents on an item of clothing, but the pattern is just too noisy in my opinion for everyday wear.

If you disagree, feel free to go drop ¥50,400 ($577 USD) on the jacket, or ¥28,140 ($322 USD) on the pants over at Back Channel.  For the love of god, please don’t wear them at the same time or with another pattern.

The U.S. flag with the skulls is a predictable but interesting addition.  I guess that takes it one step away from a similar jacket you could pick up at a surplus store.


Gourmet is the brand name and they use cow leather… I repeat, these are not made from expensive tigers:



I’d like to know how they do those tiger strips in the suede.  With lasers?  With stickers put down before they raise the nap?

I really like the look of the shoes….. above the sole.  That sole is absolutely hideous; it looks like something they took off an orthopedic pair of your grandma’s new balances.

$110 over at Gourmet Footwear, available in green and tan.


An interesting tailored tiger stripe camo option out of London, England:

What Heritage Research lacks in a website they make up for in quality looking garments.

This blazer is available over at Bolyston Trading Co. on sale for 50% off.  I know what you’re thinking, it must be cheap now!  Well it’s still $250 USD… sorry to get some of your hopes up.