Not a single was given:

Panzer-TankI cringed at 1:00 when that guy stuck his arm in the track.  They are lucky no rocks exploded out of the track when they were trying to drive away.


Bonus points for their use of a Playstation controller:

You know one of their kids is pissed he can’t get his buddy on multi-player COD with him anymore.

Syria-DIY-Tank-Playstation-ControllerI highly doubt their “armor” is even hard enough to stop rifle rounds.  That would be hilarious if it was just mild steel.  They will find that out rather quickly when they engage their first group of enemies.  Their machine gun is apparently a Russian PKM 7.62mm.

More on the details of the tank over at Long War Journal.


How a WWII history loving boss should keep their feet warm:

$7 for the crochet pattern if you have the skills to crochet them yourself.  Otherwise contact Miligurumis and they will make you a pair for $70.

According to their facebook page there is a Sherman tank version in the works.

Hat tip: Matt