Polkadotted Digital Camouflage


Supreme x Comme Des Garcons… wow this is hard on the eyes:






I just posted a few of the pieces, but they are all equally as hideous.  You can check out all 29 pages worth of pictures in the lookbook over at Supreme.  I feel that the two solid color dress shirts with the sleeve accents are the most wearable, but you wouldn’t catch me spending Supreme capsule collection money on those.

I’m not the biggest fan of digital camouflages on streetwear in the first place, then they go and put contrast polkadots on it?  *Pusha-T Yeeeeechhhh*

In my opinion Supreme is really coming across as a “Tryhard” brand lately.


From the Supreme S/S 2013 lookbook:


You’d think since it has guns on it, I’d be into it.  WRONG.  Not only did they pick a handful of cheap burner pistols which I don’t like, but the orientation of the pistols and the colorways make me think Del Boca Vista rather than Streetwear.  Sorry Supreme.. try again.  I “might” consider wearing one of these ironically… not at full price though which is guaranteed to be around $100 once they drop closer to spring.


Supreme teams up with designer Adam Kimmel for this unique Black Friday release:

Is it acceptable to wear a jumpsuit if you’re not fixing something or working a miscellaneous blue collar job?  I’m not sure… that’s for men with more authority than me to decide.  I’d postulate though that since this release is camouflage based, it automatically becomes acceptable for mainstream use.  Maybe even pair a tie with it for that Thanksgiving formal event your girlfriend is dragging you to?  DON’T… that was a joke.

Available at Supreme online, and retail stores starting Nov. 23rd (Black Friday).

Price $TBA


I’m no hypebeast, but I have always been a huge AF1 fan… not to mention a big fan of woodland camo.

Send my condolences to the game, because these kicks killed it.  No word yet on pricing or a release date, but I imagine they will be up on the Supreme website.  Apparently only 600 pairs were produced though, so I imagine they will sell out quickly.

I’d like to see it with black rubber, and a olive drab sole.

Seriously though, what in the history of collabs could possibly hype up a hypbeast more than Supreme x Nike?  And and AF collab at that!

Hat tip: SneakersAddict


Supreme linked up with OG influential pro skateboarder Mark Gonzales for this:

Available in Navy, OD, and Woodland Camouflage (Pictured) for $298 over at Supreme.  Not bad right? WRONG… look what they silk screened on the back of every jacket:

I’m so sick of every marginally person being designated as an artist just because they scribble some lines down on a page.  Wait.. before I put my foot in my mouth… a quick google search to make sure Mark Gonzales isn’t mentally retarded… Nope he’s not Jacket = ruined.


The design is based off the official U.S. Navy Pea Coat:

Made by American leather jacket manufacturer Schott NYC for legendary street wear brand Supreme.

You really can’t go wrong with the classic styling of a pea coat for fall/winter.  I’d take a leather version such as this over the classic wool any day of the week.

Available at Supreme for $688 USD