stone island

If you’re not color blind before this… looking directly at it may induce temporary blindness:

Camouflage in bold colors doesn’t really do it for me.  Stone Island‘s products are known for being top notch though, so if you’re not into this particular product don’t let it soil your perception of the brand.

€ 722 ($985 USD) over at Nitty Gritty.


Italian footwear brand Diemme with another solid product for fellow Italian brand Stone Island:

Diemme has made Stone Island‘s footwear for a few seasons now.  I especially like the contract of the olive drab and brown nylon.  The black on black ones are nice too, but a bit too plain for me.  The boots contain Vibram outer soles, so you know this isn’t your standard issue military boot.

Available at HAVEN for $515 CAD ($526 USD).  I dare someone to show up at basic training with these.