Perfect for cozy P.J. rides to your girlfriends parents place for the weekend:


This isn’t the first time SOPHNET hit the side of a flannel with camouflage.  Good call on the multicam this year because it’s hot… Kryptek would have been cool too.  Notice I specified I liked the multicam… not whatever that urban-multicam grey bastardization is on two of the shirts.

Most girls just won’t appreciate the multicam detailing.  Going to her parents for the weekend you tried to push the envelope a bit and wear something fall appropriate with a collar, but not look like some boring J.C. Penny lame… she won’t shut up about how it’s too casual.  She knows you keep an extra kit stowed just for emergencies so watch out for that “Oops, turbulence caused me to spill mimosa all over your chest” move.  Girls can be sneaky like that.  Just tell her you’ll turn the plane around if her ass keep complaining, and it’s a wrap.  Her young guy cousins and you will bond over the multicam, you’ll toss beers back and poke fun at the struggle Movember staches they are all cultivating, probably shoot some quail or something, everyone will love you, and all in all it will be a good weekend trust me.

¥24,150 ($242 USD) over at SOPHNET.


Contrast paneling… so hot right now… contrast paneling:

Plaid and camouflage are both patterns I really enjoy on their own… but together it just looks wrong.

SOPHNET wouldn’t be SOPHNET if they didn’t take risks though.

If you’re a risk taker you can pick one of these up for $405 over at END Clothing.


An ugly skull camouflage collab especially for SOPHNET.

Pick your poison.. green or black:

Once you decided on that, then the choice of which ugly shorts / jacket combo you want is done:

Maybe you’ll go full retard and flip the script and mismatch camo colors?  Who knows.

¥39,900 ($501 USD) for the jackets, ¥18,900 ($238 USD) for the shorts over at F.C. Real Bristol.


Disrespecting the purpose of camouflage:

But I like it!  Multicam is a really nice fashion camouflage because its got a nice subdued brown tones in it.

¥75,600 ($953 USD) for the jacket and ¥61,950 ($781 USD) for the vest over at SOPHNET starting October 20th.

Maybe you can turn the jacket inside out and blend into the backdrop if the need ever arises?  Until then just stay looking fly.


An understated fall/winter offering from Japanese retailer SOPHNET:

¥58,800 ($752 USD) over at SOPHNET

In my opinion, spending $752 on a blouson doesn’t make you a pretentious douchebag.  Calling it a blouson, and not a jacket does.  Please, for the sake of your manhood and maintaining your current circle of friends, never use that word.


An interesting fall/winter offering from Japanese label SOPHNET:

If someone blindly described this shirt to me I would have definitely threw up a little bit in my mouth.  Seeing the picture though, I actually really like it.  The way the flannel shirt underneath peeks through is really unique.

Available at SOPHNET stockists for ¥25,200 ($322 USD)