Ban Toy Soldier Cupcakes


They are a menace which threaten the sanctity of gun free zones and weapons policy!


At least that’s what a nine year old boy from Michigan found out recently:

Schall Elementary School principal Susan Wright called the parents at home and said the cupcakes were insensitive in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting. School staff pulled off the Army men before they were served.

Full story over at CBS News.

When is garbage like this going to end?  School staff needs to be put in their place and reprimanded when poor decisions like this are made.


iPhone Takes One For A Soldier


Carrying around a fancy phone in Afghanistan, saved his life:


Full story – KTVA

Maybe I should get a more expensive phone.  I doubt the prepaid ones I buy would even stop a .22 LR!


A look at how two brothers both special forces / special ops coped with coming home:

You saw the trailer earlier here on the blog… this is the full feature.

It’s really worth watching to see how much some soldiers sacrifice both physically and mentally.  (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury and (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are just a sample of non visible injuries soldiers come home with.

It’s really good to see these guys giving back, and trying to help their own.