Attire to make them re-write the dress code:


Imagine the look on the CEO’s face when he sees you and realizes that you can not be conformed.  Sure, navigating the iceberg filled waters of the corporate dress code isn’t rocket science, but you’ll likely get a raise for being the only one to successfully find a loophole and then exploit it without giving a shit what the consequences would be.  That’s upper management material right there as far as I’m concerned.  Once you get that corner office just make sure you remember where you came from.  If you make objective #1 to “tighten up the dress code” I hope you get demoted to janitor’s assistant where you belong.

¥25,200 ($270 USD) over at


A exact reproduction of the original WWII U.S. Navy contract white t-shirt right down to the printed contract number inside the neck:

G.I.s and sailors of the US military in WWII were issued with these basic white underwear Ts, and were often seen stripped down to just this basic garment when working in hot environments, or relaxing on the ship’s decks. As was often the case, with their usual casual way of wearing their attire, it was they who started a trend that made it cool to be seen in just your underwear.

Anchor tattoo and bravado sold separately   

I wonder if Eastman sees the irony behind making these t-shirts in Japan?  Yea I know it’s likely a cost issue because U.S. labor is expensive, but off the top of my head I happen to know a few U.S. companies with the loop-wheel looms required the make these t-shirts to spec without a side seam.

£40 ($64 USD) over at Eastman.


It’s all in the details:

With that subtle desert camouflage pattern inside the cuffs, collar, and on the elbow patches you really can’t go wrong.

Available at Brooks Brothers for $79.50 (or 3 for $199).


WTAPS Gets Their Olive Drab On


Military inspired Japanese brand WTAPS for fall/winter 2012:

Pics via Honeyee.

Price at 25,200 ($320 USD) for the shirt, Pants 26,250 ($334 USD), and Hat ($94 USD).

The thing I like about WTAPS is the pieces are always quite subtle.  They don’t normally use camouflage, and the branding is kept to a minimum.

You can check out the WTAPS website for more pictures and info.  Warning, In true character of expensive clothing seem, the website isn’t particular useful.


Two subtle, one loud, coming straight out of Canada:

Despite the fact I normally despise “urban” camouflage, I actually think the 3rd pattern looks the best. It’s got just the right mix of tones in my opinion.

$195 over at Wings + Horns.

I’m only a dozen posts deep on this blog and can already tell it’s going to cost me a lot of money. Everything I post about I want!


An interesting fall/winter offering from Japanese label SOPHNET:

If someone blindly described this shirt to me I would have definitely threw up a little bit in my mouth.  Seeing the picture though, I actually really like it.  The way the flannel shirt underneath peeks through is really unique.

Available at SOPHNET stockists for ¥25,200 ($322 USD)