Purple Label

A fanny pack, tote bag, and backpack:


Source – Hayabusa

Not something I’d cop, but North Face definitely does do some unique things with the Purple Label which I’m normally not mad at.

I gotta ask, who wears fanny packs? Old men? Guys with asthma?  Girls are going to see that inhaler from a mile away so if you’re still in the game you might want to go with something opaque.  “What’s in my fanny pack? A GUN.”  that will impress them more than if you tell them you run out of breath crossing the street to get to urban outfitters.

Backpack ¥13,440 ($132 USD), Tote ¥15,540 ($152 USD), Fanny pack ¥11,550 ($113 USD) over at Nanamica.


The North Face Purple Label always kills it with awesomeness:

I wish the purple label style would spill over into their bland regular lineup over at The North Face.  If you’re not familiar with the Purple Label it’s basically about taking risks and using interesting new and/or exciting materials with existing North Face silhouettes.  You can see a snapshot of what I mean over at JP retailer Nanamica.

You Can pick up the parka for ¥44,100 ($566 USD) and the Pants for ¥25,200 ($323 USD) over at Nanamica.