Pea Coat

Meet Asher, and his Krane “Asher hooded peacoat”:


The peacoat is coveted by all pretentious white guys named Asher, it’s built into their DNA.  Some Asher’s have the misfortune of not being born with a silver spoon in their mouth though, so they have to settle with a peacoat from the GAP or JCrew and pretend they are hot shit anyway.  Step up your hustle yung-budget-Ashers, and come correct this A/W13.

This Krane brand peacoat shits on basically all other peacoats I’ve ever seen.  How can a sub $200 joint compete with this masterpiece which not only has more closure buttons than average, leather elbow patches, and a split hood?  Those few details alone gently whisper “fuck your basic peacoat” to every guy you’ll walk by, and divert his girl’s attention to you in the process.  I didn’t say this life shit was going to be easy.  These are the breaks with lux peacoat ownership my friend.

$1001 over at Revolve Clothing.  Where that extra dollar was added to the price just to make you break a hundred and get obnoxious denominations of change back because Suzanne running the till only has 5s, 2s, and nickles.



Givenchy doubles down:

A calfskin leather single-breasted button front trench coat on the bottom, with a wool blend cropped double-breasted peacoat vest over top.

Double pea coats are like double rainbows, you should get the chance to see at least one in your lifetime.

Word on the street is that the working title for this coat was “Pea on a trench” but was changed shortly before the jacket hit retail shelves.

Available for $12,045 over at Barneys New York.


A classic coat design updated with a diagonal zipper:

Made by American leather jacket manufacturer Schott NYC.

¥41,790 ($526 USD) over at Stussy.

If you’re into pea coats, take a look at the leather collab Schott did with Supreme.


The design is based off the official U.S. Navy Pea Coat:

Made by American leather jacket manufacturer Schott NYC for legendary street wear brand Supreme.

You really can’t go wrong with the classic styling of a pea coat for fall/winter.  I’d take a leather version such as this over the classic wool any day of the week.

Available at Supreme for $688 USD