Esemplare is an Italian brand that makes ill jackets with military design cues, but their name is ambiguous at best.




Ever been at a nice restaurant with a new girl looking over the appetizer menu, and she’s like “Lets order the Esemplare, I LOOOOOOOOVEEEE Esemplare” and you’re like “Yea same.  We should definitely roll with that.” even though you have no idea what the hell you just agreed to, but agreed anyway just to save face?  At least it showed up and was delicious, kind of like this jacket maker on the menswear landscape.

Head over to the Esemplare website and take a look for yourself.

Initially I went to the site expecting the jackets to cost about a FIAT, but they actually are reasonably priced at around $500 – $1000.



Woolrich has got you covered for when you’re looking to dodge raindrops and gold diggers:


A collab with USA’s own Woolrich Woolen Mills and the omnipresent camo king Mark McNairy.  100% cotton rip stop fabric, handwarmer pockets for maintaining that coziness, and a “high stance” hood.  What?  You only fuck with regular stance hoods?  It’s 2013 homie, high is the new regular… check yourself before your wreck yourself.

£415 ($619 USD) over at End Clothing. Swerve.


Collaborate with Japan – triple the price:


The ¥48,300 ($574 USD) collab looks startlingly similar to the standard N-3B parka that Alpha Industries already sells for only $176.

You have to ask yourself, is a tonal skull and crossbones applique on each elbow worth $398 to you?  Is it?!

If you answered yes to that question they by all means head over to ZOZOVilla and pick one up before all the rich Japanese dudes get them.


A take on the historical U.S. Air Force N-3B 3/4 length parka:

I like the camouflage pattern.  I don’t know if it is an official pattern but it does look similar to German Flecktarn,

$238 over at Alpha Industries.


A capsule collection that they say pays homage to the classic US Air force & US military jackets:

Available at Penfield.  $165 for the Light quilted jacket, $260 for the hooded parka, and $200 for the vest.  Reasonable prices!  Besides the OD color, the only one that really seems to be military inspired in design is the light quilted jacket, which looks more like a M65 jacket liner.


Without the hood this look like a women’s jacket:

Pic via Oki-Ni.

Quality materials, and quality looking construction that we have come to expect from A.P.C..  Just do yourself a favor and keep the hood on if you’re a man.  If all else fails if you remove the hood make sure you have a really wide neck if you want to put the fur on the collar, or keep the fur off and run the risk of making your head look tiny in that gaping neck opening.

Available for $1113 over at A.P.C.