Just when you thought chinos couldn’t get any colder:


WA POW!  Yea that’s right, camouflage suspenders in the mix.  Don’t be a douchebag and actually suspend your pants from your shoulders with them though.  Unless you’re a rich fat old white guy you have to let them hang like a boss and snag on everything you walk by.  Remember, only give people one warning when it comes to Andre 3000 jokes… that’s all they deserve.

$40 over at Zara.

UPDATE: These are kids pants :/ Research fail.


Some inexpensive stylish camouflage chinos from Dockers:

A good mix of woodland, desert, and urban colorways available over at Nordstrom for $64 each with free shipping.


WTAPS Gets Their Olive Drab On


Military inspired Japanese brand WTAPS for fall/winter 2012:

Pics via Honeyee.

Price at 25,200 ($320 USD) for the shirt, Pants 26,250 ($334 USD), and Hat ($94 USD).

The thing I like about WTAPS is the pieces are always quite subtle.  They don’t normally use camouflage, and the branding is kept to a minimum.

You can check out the WTAPS website for more pictures and info.  Warning, In true character of expensive clothing seem, the website isn’t particular useful.