Some simple/quality looking bags with psuedo PALS webbing:




With most prices hoving around the €80 – €100 mark ($108 – $134 USD) this is actually around the same price, or maybe even a bit cheaper than buying real MILSPEC bags.  I haven’t seen anything by Unit Portables in person, so I can’t speak to their quality in comparison to MILSPEC, but it looks nice in the pictures.  For those that want a more modern look with modularity, Unit Portables might be a good option.


Bag / protective case maker InCase teams up with legendary streetwear brand Stussy:

Obviously not real PALS webbing.  I’m thinking 99.9999% of the target market will not even know what PALS is or care, but it bothers me either way.  If all you’re doing is wrapping a headphone cord here or there, or in need of a place to stick your pen then I’m sure these would suffice.

The items picture will be available within the next few months at the respective websites if you’re interested.  There are plenty of USA made MIL-SPEC options I’d urge you to consider instead though.