Ares (M65 inspired):


£380 ($618 USD)

Argo (Appears to by M-51 fishtail inspired):


£480 ($780 USD)

Chrono (Sport jacket.. WWII field jacket inspired)


£280 ($455 USD)

The idea was to create garments that would incorporate the original appearance of authentic military outerwear pieces, which were mostly made of woolen and cotton fabrics, making them contemporary through the use of a nylon fabric that would be extremely resistant to wear and time, creating garments which would have the flavor and the look of pre-owned pieces and that would keep their features unaltered with time.

I’d say it looks like they achieved their goal.

Make sure to check out the NemeN website for more picture and info.   All the jackets are available in multiple colorways which is also nice to see.


A few new military inspired items out of this collab, along with some hipster videos:

The Videos:

M-51 Fishtail Jacket:

CPO Field Shirt:

Available at Stussy and at Holden.  $165 for the CPO field shirt, $400 for the M-65 Jacket, and $300 for the M-51 Fishtail Jacket.