North Face

A fanny pack, tote bag, and backpack:


Source – Hayabusa

Not something I’d cop, but North Face definitely does do some unique things with the Purple Label which I’m normally not mad at.

I gotta ask, who wears fanny packs? Old men? Guys with asthma?  Girls are going to see that inhaler from a mile away so if you’re still in the game you might want to go with something opaque.  “What’s in my fanny pack? A GUN.”  that will impress them more than if you tell them you run out of breath crossing the street to get to urban outfitters.

Backpack ¥13,440 ($132 USD), Tote ¥15,540 ($152 USD), Fanny pack ¥11,550 ($113 USD) over at Nanamica.