Some military themed footwear coming soon from Nike:


Referencing key people, places, and moments in the Air Max’s evolution, the new Air Max 1 is packaged with twenty-two patches to create a customized look.


Oooo that OD colorway!  My next choice would be the murdered out ones, then lastly desert.   Pretty tight they come with the patches.  Definitely opens up some customization options in the future if you want to stick your own small morale patches on the tongue.

I’m not crazy about the flag being on the inside of the shoe.  I’m sure they don’t mean anything by it, but it just seems like a weird place to put it.  I would have prefered a tonal one embroidered on the side, or even one molded directly into the upper are of the sole.

These will all be available on NikeLab February 26th, so get your credit cards ready.  March 12th they will roll out to select stores in the United States.  Nike is priced really reasonably normally, so I’m sure these will be no more than $200.


Source – NikeLab Instagram


Nike Sports Wear (NSW) with a fall heater:



£175 ($281 USD) over at END Clothing.

Are you questioning the price point?  The justification is in the details… first off that pocket is worth at least $50 on it’s own, add another $50 for the fact the color and material contrasts the sweatshirt, embroidered NIKE on the sleeve ($25), tri-color inside the neck taping ($50), Italian flag colors embroidered side hem detailing ($75), and “Made in Italy” ($150)… bringing the total value up to $400, and those are all conservative estimates.   The way I look at it is, if you buy this sweatshirt and you’re not a thief you basically owe Nike a couple hundred dollars to cover their costs.

In case you’re questioning the utility of the MA-1 sleeve pocket, I discussed its utility in a past post; basically for Costco and Starbucks receipts.



Two women’s drops from Nike to commemorate the Chinese Year Of The Snake (2013):


  • Air Max 1 – 6795 PHP ($167 USD) (Source)
  • Dunk Sky High QS – 8195 PHP ($202 USD) (Source)

Hit up the source links to see the detail!  I’m sure these will sell out quick.

Available at select Nike sportswear retailers worldwide.


Be the trillest OG in the nursing home:


I remember back in the early 1990s I thought the Nike Air Max silhouette was ill because it looked ahead of its time.  Well “its time” must have been the late 1990s, because ever since then I thought they looked ridiculous on people.  That chunky sole tapering to a point? The air window?  *Pusha-t style yeeeeeechhh*

If I was styling the elderly I’d definitely scoop some of these up for the looks.  Animal print for the grandmas, tiger stripe for the grandpas.  Better believe I’d coordinate the pattern with color matched custom painted tennis ball sliders for their walkers too.

Available online Feb 13th at Atmos Tokyo for ¥13,650 ($145 USD).


They call them Lunar Force 1s:



I think I would have went with calling them Moon Force 1s… but whatever.  Besides the fact I don’t really care for urban camo or digital camo, I am really liking the shoe’s silhouette   That’s likely because it’s simply an AF1 with a ribbed upper sole.

You can pick a pair up at Oneness for $175.


An advanced take on the M65 from Nike:

The removable liner:

I like that a lot.  You can’t go wrong with the heather looking fabrics and minimal branding. Really classic looking removable liner too.

Available at Nike for $350 in both black and grey.