M-65 Jacket For Filthy Hippies


I can smell the patchouli and unwashed hair just looking at this picture:


Source – Honeyee

Neighborhood normally makes some solid M-65s, but what the hell is this shit?  Did some Vietnam protesting hippy feel like he missed out of the fashion from that war, so he had to customize the jackets with a bunch of feminine looking embroidery and patches to make a statement?  Me: “Cool flowers bro.” Hippy: *throws up piece sign* “Wanna buy some weed?”

I’m going to have to pass on this…  3 out of 4 of the arm embellishments look like they would be easily removable, but everything else you’d be stuck with.

¥75,600 ($833 USD) and also available in Navy and Tan over at Neighborhood’s Harajuku dealer.


This coat is cold as ice (read “awesome”) design wise, but will also keep you warm:


Shawl collars have been unfuckwithable this winter in the fashion world.  Props to Neighborhood for hopping on the crest of that wave before it breaks and hits the sandy shores of S/S 2013.

Now I know some of you will have trouble stomaching or justifying an $860 jacket… I’m assuming many of you will also not be thrilled that this one has a pre-worn look.  Do they give these to homeless guys and let the wear happen organically?  Do they use modern technology to get the look?  All these unanswered questions…

$863 CAN ($860 USD) over at Haven.


Or blending into the black rain when you’re in olive drab environments:


A collab between Japanese brands Neighborhood and Cav Empt.  I’d probably get this if I didn’t already blow though my $3k smock budget for the month.  That was a joke, I think smocks look sloppy and ridiculous.

$969 USD over at END Clothing.