On her show Woman v. Workout:

Some of it looks like fun, but a lot of it just looks painful.

At least she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.


Givenchy doubles down:

A calfskin leather single-breasted button front trench coat on the bottom, with a wool blend cropped double-breasted peacoat vest over top.

Double pea coats are like double rainbows, you should get the chance to see at least one in your lifetime.

Word on the street is that the working title for this coat was “Pea on a trench” but was changed shortly before the jacket hit retail shelves.

Available for $12,045 over at Barneys New York.


An interesting collab inspired by vintage american uniforms:

Very interesting use of materials.  The above bomber style jacket is especially interesting.

Lots more pictures over at the Dr Romanelli blog.

Available exclusively at the Head Porter atelier Tokyo pop-up store on November 27th.

No word on prices, but you can be assured this stuff will not come cheap just knowing the two brands involved.


An interesting offering from Workware & Son‘s in house label 3 Days Union which depicts WWII U.S. Navy related graphics that would have been drawn by hand back in the day.

I think the shirt looks too “busy”, but I really like military related artwork.

$980 at the Workware & Son retail location. Also available in a lighter blue denim (Not pictured).