MultiCam Guitar Case


From Australian gear maker Palatac:


Unfortunately Palatac made the following statement on their facebook post:

We are making some for a tier one customer , we may ad to run if interest is there , not cheap but under $400 aud ($419 USD), what about an M4 sling as strap? Won’t have production capacity for 4 to 6 months , so it will be a hurry up and wait

I’ve been known to shred axes every now and then so this case is relevant to my interests.  That said, I never take my guitar anywhere so I probably wouldn’t buy it.


Mark McNairy is sure into camouflage shoe accents.  Here’s another two:

I like the subtlety of these two offerings, though in my opinion using a less industrial looking sole would have been a better choice.

€299 ($382 USD) available in multicam and digicam over at CaliRoots.


Disrespecting the purpose of camouflage:

But I like it!  Multicam is a really nice fashion camouflage because its got a nice subdued brown tones in it.

¥75,600 ($953 USD) for the jacket and ¥61,950 ($781 USD) for the vest over at SOPHNET starting October 20th.

Maybe you can turn the jacket inside out and blend into the backdrop if the need ever arises?  Until then just stay looking fly.