mr. porter

A.P.C. has that hotness for F/W:


I’d prefer it in a green colorway rather than the tan one pictured… but hey, I’m annoying and picky.  All I know is that in this colorway you’ll be the only guy stunting hard looking like you fed your friends dog puzzle pieces and beer as a joke, and then it threw up all over your basic J. Crew cotton jacket.

$485 at Mr. Porter.  I don’t set the prices or make the rules, but if Mr. Porter says it’s worth $485 I’m willing to believe it.


An interesting offering out of Japan:

For better or for worse there’s definitely a lot going on with this jacket.  You’ve got quilted camouflage wool, leather, corduroy, etc…  I am a advocate for mixing high quality materials, i’m just not so sure this didn’t go overboard with that concept.

The camouflage appears to be a custom job, although it might be a pattern i’m just not familiar with.  After all I do not yet own the Encyclopedia Of Camouflage. :/

Available at Mr. Porter for $1600.