If they awarded medals for douchebaggery this is what they would look like:


Miansai-Antique-Military-Necklace-WornCool necklace brah.  I’m not going to go as far as to say this is disrespectful to anyone that served because frankly it is a representation of a medal / ribbon.  No one that wears these are likely going to be attempting to steal valor because no one would believe a skinny hipster in a v-neck ever operated in operations anyway.

£230 ($350 USD) over at Oki-Ni. *shrug* at least it’s sterling silver I guess.


Comedy central shows how rough these guys have it:

drones-iphone-appPretty funny.  All jokes aside, I’m sure the job is highly stressful and requires skilled operators…. that said, did you see they created a new military medal for drone pilots that ranks above the Bronze Star and Purple Heart? According to the article there is pressure to downgrade the medal, so we will see what happens.