Mark McNairy

Dress to impress:

Source – GQ Style

I really thought the CRYE influence would have been more obvious, but I like what Pharrel and McNasty did with the fabric.  A “celebration of the silhouette” indeed; you really can’t ever go wrong with all black everythang.

BBC-Black-PreviewIn the first post on the preview of the collab I did, I speculated on it’s wearability.   Well if you click through the source link you can check out five pictures in the gallery which seem to answer the question; it’s wearable and not incredibly ground breaking.

LOL at the end of the video “I don’t want assholes like you wearing my shoes”…. oh McNasty you so crazy.

The BBC Black line will be in stores this fall.


A sneak peak at Pharrell’s new capsule collection with Crye Precision:


Source – BBC Blog

I like Crye Precision, have a healthy respect for Pharrell, and enjoy the direction camo king Mark McNairy takes things most of the time.  Is that frontless 1/2 sleeve hooded multicam ghillie suit in the post, already a Crye product?  I couldn’t find it on the website.  I know capsule collections sometimes push the limits… I hope that’s not an item from it because it’s hardly wearable.

It will be interesting to see the direction they take this.  I’ll be looking for that GQ photoshoot and interview.

I’m wondering what McNairy is planning on doing with his life in the pending post-camo era.  More importantly, what am I going to do with MILcentric?!  haha I’m sure we’ll both get by.


Woolrich has got you covered for when you’re looking to dodge raindrops and gold diggers:


A collab with USA’s own Woolrich Woolen Mills and the omnipresent camo king Mark McNairy.  100% cotton rip stop fabric, handwarmer pockets for maintaining that coziness, and a “high stance” hood.  What?  You only fuck with regular stance hoods?  It’s 2013 homie, high is the new regular… check yourself before your wreck yourself.

£415 ($619 USD) over at End Clothing. Swerve.


AK-47 Print McNasty Collab


Mark McNairy x Heather Grey Wall:


Ice Cube approved?  I don’t know, but I’m sure he’d say it was a good day if you wore AKs rather than used any.

I’ve got to say the creativity is lacking on this.  I wonder if it’s some sort of statement, anti-gun or pro gun?  Or is it just meant to be edgy because it has guns on it?

Hoodie ¥23,100 ($247 USD), Shorts ¥21,000 ($225 USD) from Heather Grey Wall.

Source – Eyescream


Mark McNairy is sure into camouflage shoe accents.  Here’s another two:

I like the subtlety of these two offerings, though in my opinion using a less industrial looking sole would have been a better choice.

€299 ($382 USD) available in multicam and digicam over at CaliRoots.


Mark McNairy just keeps pumping out the Camouflage collabs:

Available for $78 at GAP.  I’m going to have to call the GAP’s around here and grab a pair tomorrow pending I like the fit and construction.  I’ve come across very few other options for stylish subdued camouflage printed pants in materials other than cotton.

Maybe while I’m at the GAP I can holler at some girls looking at the military inspired clothing and put them onto the blog? haha