I’ve come to realize that if a jacket has 4 big front pockets, it’s apparently always a “Field Jacket”:


What you’re looking it in this case is a jacket with a fasteners to attach a propriety matching backpack.  Finished laughing yet?  *facepalm* where do I even start.  That thing is so embarrassing…. like seriously a detachable backpack?  Was this concept originally for 5 year olds?  I highly doubt a grown man has ever said “You know what would be really cool… if this jacket came with a matching backpack, and rather than have conventional over the shoulder straps I just had lose straps I could weave into some hardware on the jacket.”  That is the worst possible color they could have possibly produced that jacket in too.  It still would have been hideous in black or olive drab, but much better than such a bland light grey.

£320 ($487 USD) over at Maharishi.


Get Drunk And Be Somebody


More like forever be known as “that loudmouth douchebag that kept talking about his limited edition bottle sleeve”:


I’ve only had Disaronno a couple times, and I remember liking it.  Even though I also like Maharishi (the camouflage pros), and LOVE camouflage print leather I have zero use for this product.  Why the hell would you need a sleeve for your bottle anyway?  OK fine, maybe it makes it look a bit nicer on the shelf, or provides a bit of protection when transporting.  Tell me why you could possibly need one with a pocket, a pencil, a pen, and a 24 carat gold plated USB stick though?  Do you often find yourself getting drunk writing rap lyrics down (alternating between pencil and pen), stuffing those rap lyrics in your bottle sleeve pocket.  Remembering that you should always have a backup, so you find the nearest computer and type your lyrics in and save them to your douchebag style USB stick?  If that explains an average night for you, you’re going to want to make sure you get in on this limited 50 piece release over at the Maharishi store in London (and other select stockists) on December 21st when this product drops.

The sleeve itself is made by Berlin, Germany brand BagJack if you want to check them out.


“Camouflage” for those that don’t already know.

For the military, camouflage became important when long-range weaponry was developed. Before that, there was no need for it, but in the South African Boer wars, at the end of the 19th century, English soldiers wearing red suddenly got shot at more and more.

Read the full feature over at PORT Magazine.

Hardy Blechman definitely knows his camouflage.  He co-wrote a ~1000 page encyclopedia of camouflage book, tracking the history of camouflage from its inspiration in nature all the way though it’s military adoption, and onto its use in design and pop culture.  Definitely a book I’d like to pick up someday.


Maharishi Camouflage Pashmina


An interesting Japanese culture related disruptive pattern:

My ignorance initially led me down the path of making fun of the word “Pashmina” when I started writing this post.  All these years I thought it was just a fancy name for a scarf.  I did some googling and according to the dictionary, pashmina is a fabric or garment made from pashm.  What’s pashm you ask?  Well kind sirs, pashm is the fine wooly underhair of goats raised in Northern India.

Available in navy, olive, and charcoal at Union Los Angeles for $258.  When you think of it, the price is probably reasonable considering the wooly underhair of the goat used isn’t coming from any domestic goat farm.

Maharishi is a London, England based brand which has a lot of other interesting offerings you can check out over at their website.