A great looking MA-1 out of Canada:

The jacket is made out of heavyweight fleece and comes with a removable quilted nylon insulator vest.  I’m not sure how warm that combination makes the jacket, but my guess is that it’s best suited for when the temperature is hovering above freezing.

For $360 over at HAVEN, this seems like a great value for the money. It’s also available in black, but in my opinion that colorway doesn’t look as good on this design.


Until the end of time, designers will not leave these iconic military jacket designs alone:

At least the suede is on the top where you are less likely to come in contact with something dirty.

I don’t like how McQueen deviated from the original MA-1 bomber jacket design with the collar.  The stand up collar doesn’t work as well as the original collar in my opinion.

$2550 over at Mr. Porter.


Another simple but solid collab between Stussy and Schott:

Nothing really exceptional here, but the camouflage in the hood and leather detail on the chest is a nice touch.

Available for ¥41,790 ($515 USD) over at Stussy.

You might remember that Stussy and shot also recently worked on a Waxed M65 jacket and a U.S. Navy Pea Coat together.


From one of my favorite brands out of Canada:

I like the wide cuffs, neck, and waistband.  That’s a good looking jacket, you really can never go wrong with a dark grey (charcoal) colorway.

$690 over at Wings + Horns.


A subtle take on the MA-1 jacket from luxury French clothing brand Givenchy:

This is the kind of stuff I like to see out of Givenchy, very wearable.  Just make sure you have your passport and pinot noir at arm’s reach.

Available at MRPORTER for $2445.


CASH CA Flight/Bomber Jacket


A take on the classic MA-1 flight/bomber jacket from CASH CA out of Japan:


Nylon outer shell comes in three colors; Olive (pictured), Navy, and Black, all with a bright orange lining.

Available for purchase at the Heather Grey Wall for ¥37,800 ($481 USD)