The M-65 field jacket is a classic that companies will no doubt continue to tweak:

This particular take on the M-65 is unique mainly because of the corduroy arms.  Those crafty Japanese designers right?

Available in Black, Navy and Tan (pictured) over at Sandinista for ¥33,600 ($422 USD).


With fleece sleeves and slanted chest pockets:


Although I can see some M-65 design cues poking through… this is definitely walking a thin line.  Throwing fleece sleeves on it though was a nice touch to make it a bit less utilitarian looking.

Available in navy (pictured) and black over at Publish for $116 USD.


This jacket is dope:

*badum ching* I’ll be here all week.  The jacket is patterned after the original M-65 field jacket issued to United States Forces during the Vietnam War.

You can pick it up for ¥48,000 ($612 USD) over at Nitraid.  If the pattern is the greatest thing you have ever seen, you’re in luck because they also have a host of other products using the dope DPM, even a bowtie!