One of my favorite outerwear brands Ten C, with this Olive snow smock:



Definite M-65 inspired design cues, but sauced up with a badass hood and removable belt.  I don’t really have much to say about this jacket besides the fact it has a nice vintage look which will wear well, and the 5 external pockets coupled with a pocket or two inside should definitely provide enough space for all your contraband.  Honestly, when you buy a jacket that should definitely be high on your requirements checklist.

The hand printed size and red wax seal of their logo on the inside is too legit.  I put that in the idea vault for things I should for ENDO someday.

Grab this snow smock over at The Bureau for a cool £800 ($1277 USD).



Combat Blazer


If you can’t kill them with bullets, kill them with style:


£415.00 ($646 USD) in over at Private White V.C. (also available in Navy)

Most of us (oh just me?) will never see combat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress-up some of the looks.  Vintage M-65 inspired pockets, buttons, and a wool/silk/linen blend all combined into a slim fit blazer?  Yea… hook a blogger up, I’d crush it on the mean suburban streets here with that.  I can kind of relate to combat… you know, it’s like a war zone around any given downtown Starbucks here; dodging venture capitalists’ assistants, sidewalk dogs, and people texting with their heads down while walking.  You spill that triple pump mocha latte on my combat blazer and it’s over Kevin!  Well maybe not “over” over… I’ll definitely be disappointed though, and have PTSD until I know the stain will come out.

Private-White-VC-Combat-BlazerI’m not sure why the khaki version has huge gusseted pockets, and the navy has smaller pockets which are not gusseted and have a different flap.  If you plan on ordering either you probably should email Private White V.C. and ask them to clarify.  My choice would be the khaki with the smaller pockets & nicer flap, but gusseted.

Like I just started saying – If you haven’t got into blazers yet, it’s never too late.


M-65 Jacket For Filthy Hippies


I can smell the patchouli and unwashed hair just looking at this picture:


Source – Honeyee

Neighborhood normally makes some solid M-65s, but what the hell is this shit?  Did some Vietnam protesting hippy feel like he missed out of the fashion from that war, so he had to customize the jackets with a bunch of feminine looking embroidery and patches to make a statement?  Me: “Cool flowers bro.” Hippy: *throws up piece sign* “Wanna buy some weed?”

I’m going to have to pass on this…  3 out of 4 of the arm embellishments look like they would be easily removable, but everything else you’d be stuck with.

¥75,600 ($833 USD) and also available in Navy and Tan over at Neighborhood’s Harajuku dealer.


Beams plus spun the color wheel on the iconic silhouette:


£191 ($299 USD) over at Oi Polloi.  Nothing too extreme, so all of them are definitely wearable.


Get your swerve on in this waterproof M-65 fishtail parka collab:


Good looking parka, and the price isn’t bad either at $300.  Alpha Industries makes some quality stuff, so you know you’re good on that end.  Ace Hotel has been known for quality products since the beginning too.  Click the price link for detail shots.


Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket


A not so humble ode to the iconic M-65 jacket:

The brown waxed cotton looks on point and those quilted leather shoulder pads are a real show stopper.  The elbow pads look way too medieval for my liking.  I don’t normally like belts on jackets either, but this one is removable so it’s not that big of deal.

Available for $1500 pre-order over at Barneys New York.  Surprisingly one of the cheaper jackets that Belstaff makes.  Ugh so many nice ones… I want them all.

Hat tip: UpscaleHype