Not.  Just circle around the block in the drop / tell em jump through the top / peep the Ronnie Fiegs because they’re hot:



Ronnie Fieg x Caminando for KithNYC; Officer boots, handmade in Mexico.  Those crepe soles are on fire!  I’m considering getting the brown ones, but I don’t like how they are nubuck… I’ve hit Timberlands with mink oil before though with good results, and at $220 I’m definitely not above doing that on these to smooth them out.

$220 over at KithNYC.


Available December 8th at Kith NYC and Ronnie Fieg.  $175 for the Brogue shoe and $200 for the boot.

Lots more pics over at the Kith blog.

You might remember a similar collab between Ronnie Fieg and Dr. Martens I posted about a while back.

I like the camouflage on this chapter better, but wish they would have went with a brown or black leather rather than oxblood on the boot.


Just the top 1/3:

Definitely an interesting way to spice up a bland oxford shirt.  I could barely see the top of that 1st shirt…. oooo standard lame camo joke I know.

$115 each for the woodland and the urban camouflage version pictured over at KithNYC.