Flaunt your wealth and love for firearms on your finger:


Made by Swiss designer Johanna Dahm.

They look quite neat. I can’t see the comfort level being that high though considering the edges are quite thin and jagged looking.

The price is not listed, but since these are 10g bullion bars I can tell you that they alone go for ~$600.  Add what the artist thinks her time is worth (which is usually ridiculously high) to that and you’ve got yourself quite an expensive piece of jewelry to show off.


Hopefully your girlfriend that you got into shooting doesn’t want this:

The brass bullet cuff (cartridge cuff if you will) by Jennifer Fisher is one of those things your girlfriend will show you expecting you to say “Cool!  That’s 7.62x39mm”.  DON’T… pretend you don’t like it and that it’s not even a real round represented.  You’ll save yourself some money come birthday or Christmas time.

Available at Barneys New York for $915.

Hat tip: Lance