Maison Margiela Tabi GAT


The German Army Trainer (GAT) you never knew you needed:

$985 USD straight from the Maison Margiela vein.

As Young Thug famously said, “Take them boys to school, swagonometry“.  If you know me personally or even from my other blog (shoutout ENDO), you know I’m unwaveringly passionate about a few very specific things.  The German army trainer is one of those things, which I probably haven’t mentioned on the internet.  I own the low top grey calfskin Margiela Replica sneakers (the low top non-tabi version of the shoe in this post) and I can’t say enough about the comfort, fit, and quality of it.  It’s so good, I’d be willing to stick my neck out put $1k on the line and rock this split tabi toe.  If you’re not familiar with the style, Margiela has actually been doing it with women’s footwear for quite a while.  I’ve been trying to convince the women in my life to cop, but none of them appreciate the look or the heritage 😖.  The style dates back to 15th century Japan, split toe socks worn traditionally with their thonged footwear.  Samurai in the feudal area also rocked the look, if that alone isn’t enough.  I don’t know if you guys are sold on the style yet, but I sold it to myself again while typing this.  The question now is do I order the embarrassing socks to match off Amazon, or do I pull the retro socks-and-sandals maneuver I did when I was a kid?  The one where I leave the sock loose at the front, and then work the foot in to get the perfect tabi-esque split.


Phenomenon Tokyo comes through with the MA-1 bomber, with a twist:


LOL yea 16 pockets on the back alone, and it looks like there are side pockets too.  So much for just having the MA-1 Bomber classic, one on the arm.  You’ll full on need a second person to help you retrieve stuff from your back.  Either that or you’ll risk looking like a herb removing your jacket to fetch your inhaler, which you no doubt only have because you’re out here runnin’ shit.  *Oh my god oh my god, if I die I’m a legend*

Phenomenon-Tokyo-MA-1-Bomber-Jacket-1I have no idea on the price because the Phenomenon site is mad Japanesey.  Google translate fails me for the most part on there, but I gather that this back pocket version of their MA-1 is part of a capsule collection called “Tokyo Versus The Stage” which they have on for a limited time.

Thoughts?  Would cop?  It’s a tough choice between OD and black with this one for me.

Hat tip: Andres


I present to you this tote from Japanese brand Undercover:


I hear guys with girlfriends always talking about how painful it is to have to go to farmers markets.  Oh your beautiful girlfriend wants you to keep her company while she shops for delicious fresh ingredients to assemble into a meal for your can-barely-microwave-a-pizza-pop sorry ass? She even treats you to a slice of pie or a cookie while you’re there?  Man your life sucks.  I’m sure you would much rather be sitting on a Starbucks patio, cold and alone like me, hoping that girl you really like texts you about doing something in _ days, providing a glimmer of hope.  Anyway back to the point of this post… you hate farmers markets and you don’t appreciate your girlfriend.  Well I’m here to help you with both before she realizes she somehow got duped by your average looks, and the initial “dumb guy” charm she liked so much at the beginning wears off.  Realize that the farmers market is just another convenient place to outdo all of the basic bozos with your everyday street style, and boost your #menswear self worth.  Don’t go over the top with this or you’ll be made, out and stick out like a sore thumb.  Now some of you are probably like “yea I’ll wear a suit!” WRONG, you won’t wear a suit… this isn’t an accounting conference Brody, it’s an assembly of vendors and random hippies with delicious goods for sale, perused by a relaxed crowd with nothing more than a recipe calling for freshness, and an unscheduled few hours on their hands.  You’ll wear some nice jeans, a casual jacket that works with the current weather / season, and some cozy but stylish shoes (think leather, textured, or even something with a blast of color).   The real truth is in the accessories… that’s where this tote comes in, and it comes with a three pronged purpose: 1) No other guy there is going to have a tote this nice, and with military influence even… this will gain you style points with your girl which can be redeemed later 2) You’ll want to fill this tote up (MENSWEAR 101:  Totes look best full) and coincidentally she will have both hands free to pick up and examine gourds and the freshness of the kale. 3) Because of your chivalry and her free hands, you’ll be treated to little hugs, bum pinches, casual face-grab kisses, hair tousles, and other cute stuff girlfriends (I hear) love to do in public to make you feel special.

The tote is actually even on sale half price right now at Haven for $368.  “But Mike $368 for a tote?  Won’t a regular $3-$5 tote from IKEA or a grocery store work the same?”.  Ugh, that’s the exact type of thinking that will not only lose you the beautiful girl, but also respect amongst your #menswear peers.



Shark Nose Art On Your Kicks


Incorporating classic military style airplane nose art with camo and suede:




From Japanese brand Losers.

I’m not into skate style shoes anymore, but these are interesting regardless.  I especially like the woodland camo / black, but I wish it had a gummy or black upper sole.

$140 AUD ($145 USD) over at UpThereStore.


WTAPS Gets Their Olive Drab On


Military inspired Japanese brand WTAPS for fall/winter 2012:

Pics via Honeyee.

Price at 25,200 ($320 USD) for the shirt, Pants 26,250 ($334 USD), and Hat ($94 USD).

The thing I like about WTAPS is the pieces are always quite subtle.  They don’t normally use camouflage, and the branding is kept to a minimum.

You can check out the WTAPS website for more pictures and info.  Warning, In true character of expensive clothing seem, the website isn’t particular useful.


CASH CA Flight/Bomber Jacket


A take on the classic MA-1 flight/bomber jacket from CASH CA out of Japan:


Nylon outer shell comes in three colors; Olive (pictured), Navy, and Black, all with a bright orange lining.

Available for purchase at the Heather Grey Wall for ¥37,800 ($481 USD)