Esemplare is an Italian brand that makes ill jackets with military design cues, but their name is ambiguous at best.




Ever been at a nice restaurant with a new girl looking over the appetizer menu, and she’s like “Lets order the Esemplare, I LOOOOOOOOVEEEE Esemplare” and you’re like “Yea same.  We should definitely roll with that.” even though you have no idea what the hell you just agreed to, but agreed anyway just to save face?  At least it showed up and was delicious, kind of like this jacket maker on the menswear landscape.

Head over to the Esemplare website and take a look for yourself.

Initially I went to the site expecting the jackets to cost about a FIAT, but they actually are reasonably priced at around $500 – $1000.



Ares (M65 inspired):


£380 ($618 USD)

Argo (Appears to by M-51 fishtail inspired):


£480 ($780 USD)

Chrono (Sport jacket.. WWII field jacket inspired)


£280 ($455 USD)

The idea was to create garments that would incorporate the original appearance of authentic military outerwear pieces, which were mostly made of woolen and cotton fabrics, making them contemporary through the use of a nylon fabric that would be extremely resistant to wear and time, creating garments which would have the flavor and the look of pre-owned pieces and that would keep their features unaltered with time.

I’d say it looks like they achieved their goal.

Make sure to check out the NemeN website for more picture and info.   All the jackets are available in multiple colorways which is also nice to see.


Italian footwear brand Diemme with another solid product for fellow Italian brand Stone Island:

Diemme has made Stone Island‘s footwear for a few seasons now.  I especially like the contract of the olive drab and brown nylon.  The black on black ones are nice too, but a bit too plain for me.  The boots contain Vibram outer soles, so you know this isn’t your standard issue military boot.

Available at HAVEN for $515 CAD ($526 USD).  I dare someone to show up at basic training with these.