SSUR Camouflage Snapbacks


Four new camo hats for S/S 2013 from SSUR:


A good assortment for sure, $40 each over at SSUR online.  I see they finally were forced to bastardize the upside down Rolex crown by putting spikes in it.  I don’t know how they got away with using the actual Rolex crown logo upside down for as long as they did.


Tantum x Deadline wants to profit off your nostalgia with this woodland camouflage bucket hat:


Let me make one thing clear to you military guys that aren’t so much fashion guys yet… you know your camo boonie hat?  IT’S NOT A BUCKET HAT.  I’m sick of people (fine one guy I overheard in a surplus store) calling boonie hats bucket hats.  A boonie hat is about as much bucket hat as a New Era fitted is a cowboy hat.  I’m not even going into the details why, because explaining things to menswear newbs is way below my paygrade… just google images both and educate yourself.

Go ahead, look at pics from your childhood and revel in how you rocked those OshKosh B’gosh buckets like it was nobody’s business.   Pure toddler steeze, g’d up from the feet up; back when all you did was eat, sleep, and destroy shit.  Who doesn’t want those days back?  I think it’s at least worth a try to re-live that part of your life by picking up one of these bucket hats for your fatter head.

$100 over at Hypebeast.


For those who can’t get enough houndstooth:

I’m not responsible for what happens if you attempt to wear one of these caps along with an actual shemagh (pictured left).

A classic old world pattern you can stunt, Yasser Arafat style on your friends with.  The company is called N.S.B.Q.  The hat is made in HK, and they only have a facebook page as far as I can tell.

No word on the price.


WTAPS Gets Their Olive Drab On


Military inspired Japanese brand WTAPS for fall/winter 2012:

Pics via Honeyee.

Price at 25,200 ($320 USD) for the shirt, Pants 26,250 ($334 USD), and Hat ($94 USD).

The thing I like about WTAPS is the pieces are always quite subtle.  They don’t normally use camouflage, and the branding is kept to a minimum.

You can check out the WTAPS website for more pictures and info.  Warning, In true character of expensive clothing seem, the website isn’t particular useful.


A simple offering from hat company New Era:

We’re so used to seeing full camouflage hats, it’s refreshing that New Era went with it just for embellishment.

¥4,725 ($61 USD) over at Japan’s Cap Collector One.