Waxed Cotton A-2 Flight Jacket


A good looking A-2 from England’s Private White V.C.:



Available for $620 over at Mr. Porter.  Waxed cotton only looks better with age… this jacket is sweet.  Good to see an A-2 when so many companies seem to be sticking with the MA-1.


Until the end of time, designers will not leave these iconic military jacket designs alone:

At least the suede is on the top where you are less likely to come in contact with something dirty.

I don’t like how McQueen deviated from the original MA-1 bomber jacket design with the collar.  The stand up collar doesn’t work as well as the original collar in my opinion.

$2550 over at Mr. Porter.


A short bomber jacket for the man who has too much money:

$7750 over at Burberry.  Yes that price is correct, and it even comes with a detachable black mink collar you can see above.  If you buy one, take pics… I want to see one in the wild. 😛  Bonus points if you show your face at an Air Force base with this on.

Even in the pics you can tell that leather is butter soft.  The style is definitely not for me though…