flight jacket

The classic MA-1 sleeve pocket gets a new home:



Subtle military design cues work well.  Trust Japanese brand Digawel to do it right.

I find I’m always shoving my keys and store receipts in my MA-1’s pocket sleeve.  I don’t know how well a heavy set of keys would work in this pocket on a thin cotton shirt, but I could definitely puff it up real nice with a week’s worth of Starbucks and Costco receipts.  Flex smarter, not harder is what I always say.

$275 over at Maas And Stacks.


Waxed Cotton A-2 Flight Jacket


A good looking A-2 from England’s Private White V.C.:



Available for $620 over at Mr. Porter.  Waxed cotton only looks better with age… this jacket is sweet.  Good to see an A-2 when so many companies seem to be sticking with the MA-1.


A great looking MA-1 out of Canada:

The jacket is made out of heavyweight fleece and comes with a removable quilted nylon insulator vest.  I’m not sure how warm that combination makes the jacket, but my guess is that it’s best suited for when the temperature is hovering above freezing.

For $360 over at HAVEN, this seems like a great value for the money. It’s also available in black, but in my opinion that colorway doesn’t look as good on this design.


Gary Eastman from high-end vintage flight jacket manufacturer Eastman Leather put a book together:

Available Tuesday December 11th for £70 ($112 USD) over at Eastman Leather.

Judging by the pictures it looks very comprehensive.   There’s no doubt in my mind that it will live up to the hype considering this book is the result of 10 years of research and 30 years of collecting.


WTAPS B-9 Flight Jacket


Another solid offering from WTAPS fall/winter 2012 collection:

WTAPS sure knows how to make a good looking modern military jacket, while keeping the vintage aesthetic.

¥89,250 ($1081 USD) from Authorized WTAPS dealers.


Another simple but solid collab between Stussy and Schott:

Nothing really exceptional here, but the camouflage in the hood and leather detail on the chest is a nice touch.

Available for ¥41,790 ($515 USD) over at Stussy.

You might remember that Stussy and shot also recently worked on a Waxed M65 jacket and a U.S. Navy Pea Coat together.