Kryptek Typhon Ferraris and a Rolls Royce:


There’s something great about putting a disruptive pattern on a few hundred thousand dollar vehicle.  I’m definitely going to do that or matte black, and be like fuck it I won’t even tint it they should know who’s in it.

As far as camouflages go, I still like multicam the best.  Because of the colors and pattern it definitely has more fashion applications.


Hat tip: GearWhoresAnon


Fuggitaboutit.  A collab for the ugly record books:

BAPE is one of those companies like Supreme… they will jump at the opportunity to do a collab with anyone big, regardless the outcome.  

The items are “limited edition” so I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes, even though they look like they should be in the bargain bin at Zellers.

No word on the prices, but you can apparently pick them up at the Causway Bay BAPE store in Hong Kong if you’re interested.  I’m unsure if they will take phone orders.