Drone proofing… so hot right now. Drone proofing.


A New York City privacy advocate-turned-urban-guerilla fashion designer is selling garments designed to make their wearers invisible to infrared surveillance cameras, particularly those on drones. And although Adam Harvey admits that his three-item Stealth Wear line of scarves and capes is more of a political statement than a money-making venture, the science behind the fashion is quite sound.

Full story – ScientificAmerican

He does this all using metallized fabric, which hold in body heat so the infrared cameras on the drones can’t see you as easily.  No word on the B.O. side effects, but I’m sure after marinating under one of those designs all day, you might be glad you’re alive and undetected by drones but trust me when I say others are going to wish death upon you.

I’m not going to lie, I love the patina that Burqa fabric has.  If you’re trying to holla at mad hunnies all day on the mobile though, this thing will be a total cockblock.  Yeah it blocks cell signals quite nicely too.

£1,500 ($2264 USD) over at Primitive London.  This idea will be hijacked by a big name designer and be on the runway sooner or later… mark my words.


Comedy central shows how rough these guys have it:

drones-iphone-appPretty funny.  All jokes aside, I’m sure the job is highly stressful and requires skilled operators…. that said, did you see they created a new military medal for drone pilots that ranks above the Bronze Star and Purple Heart? According to the article there is pressure to downgrade the medal, so we will see what happens.


I know some of you creeps would be all over this.  Not me *shifty eyes*:

Argus-Drone-Aircraft-High-Resolution-UAVReal artsy, but cool.  With ARGUS, you could creep miles of beach in high resolution 24 hours per day.  Something I’m positive DARPA probably does to “test” this new technology out.


This is incredible and scary:

Note: He mentions these are “basic capabilities”.  Wow.

Haha “whether ARGUS has been deployed in the field, is classified.”  So in other words they are using it.

Argus-Drone-Aircraft-High-Resolution-UAVCan you imagine the ramifications of this from a law enforcement or military standpoint?  Weaponizing that particular platform is the next logical step… now THAT’s what I call asymmetric warfare.

If this whole ENDO thing wasn’t going so swimmingly, I definitely would like to work on projects like this one.


Not yet anyway.  Apple keeps rejecting its submission to the App store:

It’s purpose? To send a pop-up notice to the iDevice whenever a drone kills someone and plot it on the map.  Apple rejected it three times now, with the latest reason being “Objectionable and crude”.  I can’t say I’m really surprised at the rejection.  Apple wants to keep its company image as clean and family friendly.  They know who their main audience is, and who they don’t want to scare away.  It’s not worth the risk for them on this app in order to make a few dollars.

JoshBegley, the developer of the app can be found over at his website.  If Apple won’t take the app, maybe he can be convinced to release it for use to the iDevice jail breakers everywhere?

Hat tip: Wired