CDG put their ridiculous heart logo aside for once, got the Disney blessing and hit the cotton running:


£125 ($209 USD) over at END Clothing.

I bet you didn’t even know camo blocking was so hot right now.  I didn’t either, but know I know.   Add prototype looking Mickey Mouse sketches to it, a Mickey multicam into the mix, and what you have is a witches brew of straight fire.

If I would have known about this before I went to Disney Land with my family this Christmas I would have copped and stunted on all the basic park goers.  Instead, doing as I normally do, I packed a massive duffle bag and a carry-on backpack full of clothes and shoes…. Did I wear all/most of it?  Nope, I wore the same pair of raw denim I’ve been trying to break in, and just changed socks, underwear, and my t-shirt (ENDO Apparel of course) all week.

Side note: I didn’t forget about this blog, don’t worry.  I’ve been crazy busy with ENDO though, so that’s been taking up most of my time.  I’ll try my best to get posts up here more regularly!  Thanks to all of you that still are subscribed and check back!


MSTRPLN has you covered if you have dreamt of wood grain camouflage:




British DPM, Woodland, and Duck camouflage.  They did a nice job; the camo / woodgrain combo is a good look. I’m always a fan of branding being unobtrusive. The iPhone case and the pillows are subtle enough, but the strip at the bottom of each one of those posters totally ruin them in my opinion.

All reasonably priced on Society6 at the MSTRPLN store.   I don’t really have a use for any of the items, but I’m sure they will sell really well.


A touchscreen liner glove from snowboarding company Burton:


Because all of us hardcores are worried about giving up our position when we un-glove our hands to text or answer a call.  Never be caught without some sort of disruptive pattern covering your skin at ALL times when you’re out in the wild.

$18 over at Burton.


The post title is my new life motto.  Pro tip – this is called a casket hat:


Truth be told, although I like tiger stripe and wish I could pull it off, I wouldn’t look good in a hat like that.  Old men love hats like that, but most go with tweed.  Tiger stripe camo shows the youngins that you’re not afraid to mix things up.  The fact it’s Mr. Bathing Ape also gives you some cred when stylish young kids ask you about it, because you can flaunt your mad disposable income… just don’t mix it up / flaunt too hard or you might break a hip.

Mr-Bathing-Ape-Logo£270 ($405 USD) from Present.


U mad I’ve been posting so much Usher?


That jacket is actually from the Valentino camouflage collection I posted about a while back.

The particular jacket pictured isn’t up on the Valentino website yet (you’re going to have to wait until closer to S/S), so I have no idea what the price is, but you can bet it’s going to run you more than $5000, considering this non-leather camouflage jacket is $3600.

Hat tip: UpscaleHype


How they made their DPM line of sunglasses from start to finish.

I’m a sucker for “making of” and documentary style videos.  Very inspiring.

The process of making the camouflage acetate itself over at Mazzucchelli 1949 is incredible.


Check out more on the DPM collection over at IVI.  Prices for various models appear to be around $200.  I don’t know if all $200+ pairs of sunglasses have that much work go into them, but if so I have a new appreciation for all of mine.