As I always say, “Mo’ camo, less problems”:

McNairy is back with this desert camouflage option to satisfy your insatiable hunger for dress shoes that go against the norm.  You might remember the woodland camouflage option he came out with a month ago.

These shoes are available (phone orders only) at Standard ATL for I’m assuming around $395; the price of the woodland ones.


Notable items from heavily military influenced “Rise of the Seventh” traveling capsule collection:

Desert tiger strip long sleeve shirt  ¥19,950 ($255 USD) and hat ¥6,090 ($78) collaboration with Japanese brand Challenger

A very subtle camouflage on this collaboration with hat brand New Era.  It’s like the camouflage is just a same thread color texture woven into the fabric (click the picture to enlarge).  Very nice looking stuff. Long sleeve shirt ¥22,800 ($291 USD) , Hat ¥6,000 ($77 USD) , and Pants ¥19,800 ($253 USD).

Another subtle camo adorns most of the offerings in this bag collab with Japanese brand Head Porter.  I’m not sure I care for the bastardized PALS loops, but I suppose they might work well for grabbing or tying something else onto them.

This collection will be shown at Pop-up Stores at the following locations:

Tokyo: 9/15 ~ 9/30 at Stussy Harajuku Chapt
New York: 10/5 ~ 10/14 at Stussy NYC
Toronto: 10/19 ~ 11/4 at HAVEN
Los Angeles: 11/2 ~ 11/24 at OUR FAVORITE SHOP / OFS
Seattle: 11/16 ~ 12/2 at TOTOKELO

Source – EyesCream

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