An interesting offering from Workware & Son‘s in house label 3 Days Union which depicts WWII U.S. Navy related graphics that would have been drawn by hand back in the day.

I think the shirt looks too “busy”, but I really like military related artwork.

$980 at the Workware & Son retail location. Also available in a lighter blue denim (Not pictured).


A flashy collab from Canada’s Naked And Famous:

I actually own a pair of the regular Indigo Selvedge Weird Guy model jeans from Naked And Famous which these are based on.  Really great jeans… good price too.  In order to pull off a look with these tiger stripe camo ones though I think a prerequisite is being a member of an indie band.  Bonus points if you play the triangle or the paint can lid.  Before your solos you can roll up your pant leg to flash the crowd (your 2 friends) the leopard print lining, adding to the ambiance.

$195 over at Atrium.  If you like the look, you really won’t be able to find an exclusive jean this high of quality for such a low price.