Some WWII humor for you:

Listen hashtag, if you’re not going to fight like a man can you at least shave like a man?


I guess my one questions is… men shave?  hahah I like beard humor now because I have one.  It’s definitely a “city” beard though, I get it trimmed along with my haircut every three weeks.  Not operator enough for most of you to be impressed. If I ever do decide to go down to bare skin again I’ll have to sharpen my KA-BAR up and do it that way.


With his signature intimidation bit:

Full Metal Jacket made him famous in 1987, and he’s still getting paid off of it.

I can’t get sick of this guy.

Interesting how the video refers to him as a “Drill Sergeant”, when that term is strictly Army. R. Lee Ermey was a U.S. Marine. I imagine the producers probably though “Sergeant” sounded more intimidating than “instructor”.

Hat tip: ENDO