For soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injury and the psychological effects of war, a Department of Defense art therapy program hopes to provide relief:




Making art can help people unlock dark emotions or memories that they can’t yet vocalize, pulling those buried anxieties from their subconscious and placing them onto a canvass or into a lump of clay, said Donna Betts, a professor in the art therapy program at George Washington University.

Full Story, more mask pictures, and the story behind the masks over at over at NBC.


Combat Cigar Humidor


A rugged place to keep your camouflage cigars at an optimal humidity level:



Made in the USA by disabled Marine Corps. veterans.  The M13 7.62x51mm ammo can interior houses two open top boxes made out of Spanish cedar with holes drilled in the bottom for optimal humidity transfer.  These waterproof combat humidors will hold 18 – 25 cigars, float, and take more abuse then your average cigar store humidor.

Smoking will kill you, but if you’re going to do it anyway it might as well be cigars, they might as well be camouflage, and you might as well store them in such a badass reporosed

$70 over at Combat Humidor.  There is also a $100 option where you can get custom stenciled artwork rather than their logo.


Something to keep an eye on in 2013:

Four teams of Pararescuemen (PJs) and Combat Rescue Officers (CROs) work around the clock to make sure the casualties of war get a second chance. See what it takes to be a PJ and what it means to serve by the motto- “These things we do that others may live.”


You know National Geographic is going to deliver on the visuals, so that’s not the issue.  As long as they tell the story properly (which they normally do) it should be a great show.


Confederate motorcycles just got on my radar with their badass new fuel injected V-Twin:

Promo video:

On August 29, 2012, James Hoegh successfully piloted the first Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat prototype to a top speed of 172.211 mph, making it the world’s fastest big block American V-twin motorcycle ever…

I was kind of “over” motorcycles for a bit… I want this one bad though.  The incredible engineering is a good enough reason to own one of these; I’d have to park it inside the house.

Limited to 36 handcrafted bikes available for $72,000 over at Confederate.  There is also a non-combat version of the X132 available for $50,000 that is similar but not as optimized as the combat version.

What’s not to like about this thing?!


New for Fall/Winter 2012:


A contemporary take on the classic combat boot.  Interesting that he chose to forgo the laces (even though the loops are still present) in exchange for a side zipper and leather belt style straps at the top.  Seeing as these boots likely won’t see any actual combat, i’m sure the less restrictive rendition will do the job.

With jeans over top I’d wear these, but if you’re expected to wear skinny jeans and tuck them in, that is just a bit too futuristic looking for me.

£907 ($1474 USD) over at HOSTEM London.

You also can check out the Rick Owens website, which as expected is confusing and weird.


A Kickstarter campaign raising money to produce this graphic novel style illustrated 12 issue series:

TILT-SHIFT marries police procedural intrigue with hard-hitting modern warfare action in its hyper-real presentation of the work done by Special Operations teams throughout Afghanistan.   More than that, it paints a picture of young Americans rising from their varied upbringings, distinguishing themselves from among their peers and flying to the most desolate ends of the world to quell a violent insurgency that suppresses the freedom of the Afghan people and threatens the security of their families back home.

Quite a boilerplate description above, but as you can see the artwork looks like it speaks for itself.  The 12 issue series that they want funding for follows a team of American soldiers as they pursue enemy combatants in Afghanistan from their fortified mountain strongholds to their booby trap filled bomb factories.

As you can see (left) they are getting very close to getting complete funding to make the book a reality.  Click on the title of the kickstarter embed to visit the page if you want to read more about the project and/or throw a few dollars their way.

Lots more pictures and information also available on the Tilt-Shift facebook page.