Supreme teams up with designer Adam Kimmel for this unique Black Friday release:

Is it acceptable to wear a jumpsuit if you’re not fixing something or working a miscellaneous blue collar job?  I’m not sure… that’s for men with more authority than me to decide.  I’d postulate though that since this release is camouflage based, it automatically becomes acceptable for mainstream use.  Maybe even pair a tie with it for that Thanksgiving formal event your girlfriend is dragging you to?  DON’T… that was a joke.

Available at Supreme online, and retail stores starting Nov. 23rd (Black Friday).

Price $TBA


Another simple but solid collab between Stussy and Schott:

Nothing really exceptional here, but the camouflage in the hood and leather detail on the chest is a nice touch.

Available for ¥41,790 ($515 USD) over at Stussy.

You might remember that Stussy and shot also recently worked on a Waxed M65 jacket and a U.S. Navy Pea Coat together.


A few new military inspired items out of this collab, along with some hipster videos:

The Videos:

M-51 Fishtail Jacket:

CPO Field Shirt:

Available at Stussy and at Holden.  $165 for the CPO field shirt, $400 for the M-65 Jacket, and $300 for the M-51 Fishtail Jacket.


Japanese clothing brand A Bathing Ape‘s AAPE division teams up with Pepsi:

Collabs such as this are obviously just for fun, and I fully approve.  I’d like to know what goes on behind the scenes with the agreement though… obviously Pepsi is a bigger company than BAPE so that’s a huge advantage gaining that much exposure for a streetwear brand.  On the other hand a collaboration such as this gives Pepsi quit a bit of extra street cred. which is always a good thing to have in such a cutthroat industry.


Source – Complex


Dot Camo Collection


A collaboration between Japanese labels The Contemporary Fix and Swagger:


The camo pattern is British woodland.   The polka dots make this collection less wearable in my opinion, but I suppose that’s probably part of the allure for a lot of people.  Something this obscure is bound to turn some heads and make a statement.

Available for purchase over at Magaseek where the shorts are ¥21,840 ($280 USD), Jacket is ¥43,890 ($560 USD), vest ¥22,890 ($292), and cropped pants are ¥26,040 ($332).

What do you guys think?  Head to toe camo a good look for fall?  If not would you at least cop one of these items to wear as an accent piece?