Cav empt

Or blending into the black rain when you’re in olive drab environments:


A collab between Japanese brands Neighborhood and Cav Empt.  I’d probably get this if I didn’t already blow though my $3k smock budget for the month.  That was a joke, I think smocks look sloppy and ridiculous.

$969 USD over at END Clothing.


For Fall/Winter 2012:

If you made it through any of the video you’ll notice that the military theme is present throughout.  Design at C.E. is lead by Sk8thing, the man also responsible for many designs over at A Bathing Ape, Human Made, Billionaire Boys Club, W-Taps and more.

Despite the weird visual lookbook, a good portion of the pieces apparel to be wearable.  I wouldn’t go anywhere near that item that looks like a down filled poncho though (pictured left).

You can visit the Cav Empt website to find a stockist in your area.  *seizure warning*