Australia’s own UGG comes through:


Hear me out… I know that after a 4.5 month hiatus from this blog a lot of you are going to be criticizing this homecoming post being about Uggs and not some next level Japanese shit I blessed you with so often before.  Cool out, because these are slippers not shoes and that Japanese stuff is going to be coming back full speed.  It should be noted that a fair number of douchebags aren’t going to understand the science behind slipper vs shoe construction, and frankly discussing that with you guys or anyone else is way below my pay grade.  In case you didn’t know, driving shoes semi-recently became the new menswear “thing”, and a lot of guys are not wearing them just for driving.   I was commenting to one of the girls at Nordstrom a while back how I wish a low key pair of Gucci driving shoes they had in stock came in a street version, and she was like “O ya… you Be surprised how many guys just wear them outside anyway and then try and bring them back for a refund in 2 months when they all wore out”.  I said nothing, but gave two disappointed nods in which “no doubt sistah” was implied.

$140 for the slippers.  They come in both “Stout” and “Metal” colors.  I don’t know who comes up with the names for these colorways, but I now feel I should do something arbitrary like that with my own line just because I can.

Holy @ the sizing going all the way up to 18.  I’m 6’4″ and my feet are pretty substantial at size 12.  Funny when you click on Ugg’s own sizing chart, 18 isn’t even on there… it only goes up to 16.

I have a pair of non camouflage Ugg slippers, so I can attest to their quality construction and their coziness.



Street spotted this out on my walk today:


Picture a Jared Leto looking guy about 6″6′ in height weighing 90lbs with that hanging off of him.  Yea I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was gay… don’t get all bent out of shape.  I don’t care that he was gay, he wore that shirt with authority and I almost felt like telling him that.  Do gay guys ever get compliments from straight guys?  Probably not, it’s a slippery slope I’m assuming most don’t want to tread near.  Regardless, this guy didn’t have a care in the world that his shirt was clearly from the women’s department, good for him.  I like how society is going toward less people caring about trivial shit like that too.  Old people though you need to watch out for… they will continue to drop offensive gay and racist statements at any moment.

$34 from Urban Outfitters if you want to make a blurring gender lines type statement, or if you have a girlfriend you think would look hot in it.

If they made a men’s crewneck raglan with this theme I would be all over it.


A fanny pack, tote bag, and backpack:


Source – Hayabusa

Not something I’d cop, but North Face definitely does do some unique things with the Purple Label which I’m normally not mad at.

I gotta ask, who wears fanny packs? Old men? Guys with asthma?  Girls are going to see that inhaler from a mile away so if you’re still in the game you might want to go with something opaque.  “What’s in my fanny pack? A GUN.”  that will impress them more than if you tell them you run out of breath crossing the street to get to urban outfitters.

Backpack ¥13,440 ($132 USD), Tote ¥15,540 ($152 USD), Fanny pack ¥11,550 ($113 USD) over at Nanamica.


With this DRKSHDW by Rick Owens jacket:


Dazzle camouflage is what they used to paint on warships in WWI.  If someone was to look at your through a kaleidoscope while you were wearing this jacket I’m pretty sure you’d just cancel out completely.  I have no idea if people still own kaleidoscopes and I can’t even spell the word to save my life, but I’m just throwing that out there.

$1120 over at The Corner if you’re daring enough to pull something like this off.


Camouflage seed stitch Polo from SOPH:


This ain’t no weak ass stitching like you’d find on a JC Penny camo polo.  Your seed stitch required so much more labor;  there’s the reason your shirt cost a grip, along with the SOPH scorpion logo embroidery .  If you’re going to start bragging to people about the stitch pattern of your shirt though you better know some other stitch patterns (and their downfalls) to spout off or else you’re going to look like an idiot.

¥17,850 ($175 USD) over at SOPHNET.


Throw a black PVD coating on the stainless steel, add a camouflage dial and jack up the price:


Check out the Bamford Watch Department website for more info and more badass watch customizations.  For a second “different” Rolex I am definitely considering picking one of their basic customizations up.  I love the look of that black PVD coating… I’m thinking an all black Daytona.

I know a lot of Rolex purists are mad at this company, but as long as they are doing it properly (which they are) I have zero problem with it.  Hell they even offer a 2 year warranty on all their watches.  It’s not like you need warranty on a Rolex anyway…