You’re going to want to pick up some urban hiking boots for scaling the shelves of Mount Wallymart:

If you want to turn heads that is, your going to need a pair of these $400 leather camouflage hikers from Modern Vice.  As a bonus they make them out of eco friendly leather which I’m pretty sure means that the cows all drove Toyota Prius’ when they couldn’t bike or walk to where they wanted to go.


Made in Italy… Diemme just dialed the fresh up to 11:

Rocking cow leather, and leather in general without hair on it is so 2012.  Diemme is already living in 2013 where we drive around in flying cars and wear hairy leather harvested from the finest camouflage ponies in all the land.  Just wait until late 2013 when Diemme will more than likely be on that unicorn leather tip.

€379 ($485 USD) over at CaliRoots.

Make sure you head over to Diemme’s website as well.  Their boots are all incredible looking.


A tiger stripe looking camouflage pattern printed onto leather:

Interesting options if you’re looking for a boot in that pattern.

$120 for the roll tops, and $250 for the highs over at Palladium Boots.